Saturday, April 4, 2020


Venetian blinds (horizontal blinds) wooden or aluminum in 3 dimensions.

Vertical blinds made of fabrics or PVC in 89mm and 127mm.



Various types of fabric wrapped onto shaft, manually driven or motorized.
The types of fabrics are simple shading, that  allows to illuminate the space with corresponding shading, more shading, with thicker fabric and blackout for complete blackout of light. There is also perforated material with varying degrees of perforation which diffuses the light ...


The sliding panel tracks are high quality shading systems in every respect. Vertical, , rectangular sections of fabrics in various categories are drawn on a special track (upon a aluminum usually driver), silently and smoothly to obscure or even obfuscating your space. Large patio doors, wide windows, openings to gardens, terraces, are the most common applications.



The systems called plisse or duette shades are products with a strong personality. They are modern and elegant products and for this reason are a suitable alternative to simple curtains. These shades are made of synthetic fabrics of high quality in aspects and various types and designs. 


Awnings for balconies, for garden are the most common form of shading, and even satisfactory option for preventing the admittedly plenty of sunlight in our country, especially during the summer.
The mechanical parts are of excellent quality and construction.



Pergolas are usually metallic or wooden structures from specially treated wood, ecological and tolerant to Mediterranean climate. A pergola (wooden), made with great care and attention, will give your site elegance, style and of course the obvious, a very good protection from sun and rain. Ideal for home and professional use.


Whatever your choice may be, with the shading atriums systems we have, you will be completely satisfied. Shaded attic or atrium of course if your site has one. It is an extension of your area outdoors, and that's why you need the right protection for all seasons but especially in summer.

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