Saturday, April 4, 2020


Awnings for balconies, for garden are the most
common form of shading, and even satisfactory option
for preventing the admittedly plenty of sunlight in
Greece, especially during the summer.

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Our Modern tents can offer protection from the sun for large external walls, terraces, courtyards, gardens and even pool parts. The mechanical parts are of excellent quality and construction.

The awning arms can move manually or with electric motors that obey a remote command. When rolled in, they can safely stay within a cartridge that is painted in colors matching the surrounding space. We have moveable and stationary awning arms.

The fabric for awnings can be of various types with designs on it, or be monochromatic and always one of your choice.

All the awnings we have are placed precisely at sites of your choice from our professional personnel who are always ready to show you the proper operation and maintenance of them.

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