Saturday, April 4, 2020


Shutters and blinds are a modern trend in shading
systems. Shutters and blinds will add elegance and
adequate shading as possible for a variety of designs
and materials.

Blinds, shutters, louvers, venetian blinds wooden shutters, horizontal blinds, external blinds, vertical blinds

Venetian blinds or vertical blinds otherwise, have a wide variety of sheet sizes 50 mm - 25 mm - 16 mm.
The Venetian blinds and generally our blinds, can be aluminum or wooden blinds classic.

We provide  also classic wooden shutters. Seamless construction and finish are obvious choices for us, and long life with proper use.
We still have external blinds to cover your outdoor spaces. Naturally we have vertical blinds as well.  Sheets come in 2 different sizes at 89mm and 127mm.
For the louvers you can choose to be fabric or PVC.

The louvers and shutters we provide, are placed precisely at sites of your choice from our professional staff that is always ready to show you the proper operation, protection and maintenance of products.

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