Saturday, April 4, 2020


More than enough people choose nowadays arbours
while they still are a guaranteed solution for controlling sunlight. Especially those who have a yard or garden,
or a business operating in outer space.

Within the city or countryside, in your cottage.


pergolas arbours

pergolas arbours wooden metallic 

Pergolas are usually metallic or wooden structures from specially treated wood, ecological and tolerant to Mediterranean climate.

A pergola (wooden), made with great care and attention, will give your site elegance, style and of course the obvious, a very good protection from sun and rain. Ideal for home and professional use.

The fabrics we use on arbours can be resistant to the sun and the rain (waterproof) on request.

The fabrics available for pergolas come in various designs and colors to choose from.

The foundation underpinning girders are usually made of solid heavy duty iron.

Also on the frame can be mounted metal blades from 20 to 50 cm and with inclination to our own desire.


All wooden and metallic pergolas are placed precisely at sites of your choice from our professional staff who are always ready to show you the proper care and maintenance.

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