Friday, April 3, 2020


The systems called plisse shades are products with a strong personality. They are modern and elegant
products and for this reason are a suitable alternative
to simple curtains. 
  duette shades 1

plisse shades 1  plisse shades 2 Plisse shades are made of synthetic fabrics of high quality in aspects and various types and designs.

These shades are ideal for residential areas and business alike.

They will provide the needed light control according to your style and mood, any time of day.

Quality materials provide warmth and harmony in the area. 


The duette shades are one of the most modern applications for interior shading.
Usually they leave an aperture through which light passes.
The opening can be located at any height desired.

In the category duette shades we can have 2 different types of fabrics in the same ensemble.

Duette shades you can apply to normal windows, glass partitions, but also inclined openings (such as attics) and create an unusual ensemble for the modern home.

We strongly recommend them.

All our products duette and plisse shades are of  high quality and design at affordable prices. Manufactured with the latest standard, tested and certified before they reach your site.  
duette shades 2 duette shades 3

Plisse shades and duette shades are placed by our specialized personnel following the measurement. Our staff is always available to indicate proper operation, protection and maintenance of these products.

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