Saturday, April 4, 2020


The roller blinds is a relatively common form of shading that customers choose for their home or their personal workspace. It is quite unobtrusive, does not occupy
much space and is effective in controlling light.

The  rollers are products mainly selected for interiors or rooms.

  roller blinds 1

A roller thanks to its small size can easily be mounted on a wall or even on the ceiling to cover attics and other similar type of applications. The roller blinds we have, can be placed in any type of room shape, and material like wood, metal or plaster as we have the ability to adapt via ready-made solutions for every need.

Various types of fabric wrapped onto shaft, manually driven or motorized.

The types of fabrics are simple shading, that  allows to illuminate the space with corresponding shading, more shading, with thicker fabric and blackout for complete blackout of light. There is also perforated material with varying degrees of perforation which diffuses the light so the roller does not isolate the visual space with the outside environment.

roller blinds 2  roller blinds 3

Our company provides roller blinds with 2 types of mechanisms, manual and electrically powered via remote control from a distance. There is a timer option for unlimited flexibility and convenience.

The roller blinds we provide, are placed precisely at sites of your choice from our professional staff who are always ready to show you the proper operation, protection and maintenance of products.

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