Saturday, April 4, 2020


More and more customers at daily basis, asking us about sliding panels to replace the old traditional system of curtains. It's a trend that began early in the East but has now been widely spread on the western world and with remarkable success.

The secret is that the panel tracks are very trendy,
classy, stylish, with personality, giving uniqueness.

  sliding panels

panel tracks  The sliding panel tracks are high quality shading systems in every respect.

Vertical, rectangular sections of fabrics in various categories are drawn on a special track (upon a aluminum usually driver), silently and smoothly to obscure or even obfuscating your space.

The panel tracks are selected primarily for indoors and very personal spaces. Large patio doors, wide windows, openings to gardens, terraces, are the most common applications.

Our company pays great attention to finishes of sliding panels while there are several choices for you, for even more personalization. 

The number of fabrics to cover an opening can vary from 2 to 5 pieces corresponding to the total width of the opening to be filled.

All fabrics and colors for the sliding panels, we choose together with our clients to achieve optimum combinations of fabrics and colors.

For all sliding panel tracks there are  manual or electric mechanisms with remote controller  for maximum convenience and flexibility.

The sliding panel tracks, are placed precisely at sites of your choice from our professional staff who are always ready to show you the proper operation, protection and maintenance of these unique products.
 sliding panel tracks
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